Tag: web development

PokeTalk is the cheapest way to make international calls from your own phone and web.

Website Launch

Backend Integrations

API Development

Kamailio SIP Server Integrations

And more…

Website: PokeTalk

BlazeMeter is a 100% JMeter-compatible, self-service load testing cloud allowing you to Instantly generate massive stress tests with comprehensive reporting and analysis tools.

Some of our responsibilities included:

The launch of the new website

Billing Systems Integrations

and more…

Website: BlazeMeter

Drippler is an application that help you stay up to date with everything you need to know about your gadgets

We were involved in the launch of the new website and also working on main and core features of the start-up.

Some of our responsibilities included:

Parser development

Semantic Engine Development

Advanced Javascript Development

and more…

Website: Drippler

fring is a FREE mobile calls, video calls & live chat to fringsters and other internet friends.

For over 4 years and almost from the beginning of the start-up we were over seeing all of the technical web properties. some of our responsibilities included:

Ad Server development and third parties integrations

Client to Web integrations

Mobile Web Application

fring Social Network

and more…

Website: fring