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No Spam

I don’t know why but i wanted to find a nice easy way to be able to write an email address on a website without worrying for email harvesting bots. The idea is to not show the email in plaintext anywhere but the rendered HTML. I just think that the username (at) domain (dot) com is really not good enough. I don’t think my solution is perfect just better and will be a little bit harder for bots to crack (but not nearly impossible). (more…)


I’ve recently started playing around with CSS3 Animations and WebGL (less WebGL because I find it too complicated for me without any real graphics knowledge. But we will get back to that sometime). In my experiments I came across an awesome Canvas Javascript Library called KineticJS. I found it very easy to use and you can find many tutorials and examples on the website.

As a part of launching this new website i wanted to add a nice demo of some animation on my website without messing too much with complex animations. I’ve decided to use the “HTML5 Canvas Interactive Ball Physics” from the Lab page and add some special sauce to it that will attract people’s attention when they come into the site (The idea was to add a basketball hoop and let people try to score and show something when they did).

The problem I quickly came across was a lot of the Lab examples were using older Kinetic Libraries and were getting errors when updating. In my case the demo was using v3.7.4 when v3.10.2 is out already.