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starting mQueries.js planning and setting up

For the last couple of months I’ve been working intensively with Responsive Web Design and Mobile Web Application. Browsing a lot of website and application I think people still do not really understand the power of having a proper website or an application for every device, especially mobile. I have thousands of examples for websites that look really really great and awesome on desktop but when it comes to a tablet or a mobile device its a different story. Some of them make a different website for the tablet/mobile experience resulting in 2 different websites.

I’m starting to work on mQueries.js. mQueries will be a piece of javascript code you put on your website, the javascript code will learn you website and visitors in the following days and will automatically fix and change it to look properly on any device (while still trying to keep the original website look and feel).

I will be getting more into the what and how and when later on but I thought I will be sharing my journey here in my blog and put information and thoughts and plans.

So here is the plan:

I will be happy to hear comments and feedback and anyone who want to collaborate please feel free!

More coming soon…

P.S. Thanks to Gliffy for the web diagram app (altho i’m on a 30 days trial)

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