We do everything… Really we do!

Some of the services we offer are as follows

Development and Integration Services

We have been learning and building websites and applications for the last decade. One of the major problems in the development area is device fragmentation. There are literally hundreds of combinations of device’s, browser’s and platform’s out there. We are trying to solve this problem by delivering clients with cross-device cross-platform cross-browser solutions.

We are experts in developing standard-compliant and accessible code for complex systems and also upgrading and cleaning existing systems. Our developers just love playing around with HTML5, CSS3, CSS animations, Javascript, jQuery (mobile, UI and the rest of the jQuery projects), PhoneGap, extJS, PHP, .NET, C# and more.

Data Analysis And Product/Brand Planning

We believe that a brand is structured from making the user experience as good as possible. From the way the colors and image of the logo influence the user to the level and efficiency that the website or application is being delivered.

This is why we do our research and we believe research is essential! We work with our customers so that the dream they have flourishes into a beautiful, rich and interactive reality.

Responsive Web Design and Mobile Application

We create web sites that “respond” to their environment. Delivering your content in an optimal way but in the same look, no matter what device, platform or browser the user is using. We also create mobile applications and as mobile experts, we know how to create content optimized for mobile, wrapping it with existing tools to create a magical user experience.