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Make Web Presentations Easy – WYSIWYG + Reveal.JS

Hi Guys,

So i was following some tweets between Andy Matthews @commadelimited and Scott Stroz @boyzoid and Scott was asking about a way to create presentation and Andy recommended Reveal.JS by Hakim El Hattab @hakimel. I love Reveal.JS and think is an amazing and awesome library! (I didn’t have any presentation to do yet but the first one I will have I’m sure to use it!). The problem with Reveal.JS that no matter what you will still need some knowledge in HTML and Javascript to make your presentation and hell CSS to make it nice. I had an idea.. There are a lot of WYSIWYG (for those who don’t know what is WYSIWYG its WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet) editors out there why not just combine the two into a tool where eventually anyone could create a Web Presentation.

So it began! I started looking for WYSIWYG editors and found 2 popular (I actually used both of them in past projects but we won’t get into that). The editors i found are CKEditor and TinyMCE (I actually found another new one called Aloha, I didn’t really like it but they say its HTML5 so it worth a check). I’ve decided to use CKEditor.

You can see it live here - kodkod auto RevealJS generator

I will continue to improve it. This is only a pre version but I wanted to put it live already so people can try it out and give me comments! I will also revise this post to fix grammer and typos and add links sorry about that its late and i’m tired!

Quick Update

As Hakim is working on a GUI i’m not sure i’m going to improve this :(
Hakim reveal.js GUI


P.S. I’ve started doing work for a SmartTV company called SmartPay check it out – SmartPay – More on that in the future

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