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Busy Busy Busy – Update

I’ve been really busy in the last 2 weeks and I didn’t have any time to play around with anything nor did I have time to write.
I started working with 2 new amazing Israel Start-ups:
1) SmartPay – The ultimate in-app billing solution for Smart TV platforms.
2) Visualead – Turn Any Design into a QR Code – Connect and Communicate with your audience.

Both them are really awesome and I will be updating more about each of them along the way! You can check out Visualead which just launched a new website that looks totally awesome. I hope I will get the time to work on the responsiveness of it. As for SmartPay all I can say is .. just wait for it.

I wanted to make a monthly links roundup but I just didn’t find the time to do it, I have some great links to share that I bookmarked this month.
We have something baking in the oven its called “mQueries” its going to be a code you put on your website and it will automatically make it look good for and screen to make your website responsive (An automatic algorithm will scan your website analyze it and will make the adjustments needed). Remember the name mqueries.js and expect it very soon.


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